Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vision Statement: Letters For Christ's Love

Dear Friends and Family,

I am writing to you to ask for help to witness true Christian love to someone in dire need of the understanding of God's love in his life.
Can you read through this email and when finished respond back to me with a YES of NO if you will help write a Letter for Christ's Love before the end of October??
Also will you forward this to everyone you could think of who would be willing to help out.

I am writing to you from the heart. Yesterday, I met and elderly man who is deeply in need of God's guidance and love. In conversation with this man, I learned that he has struggled deeply with an addiction for most of his life. This addiction has led to three divorces in his life. Now, at the age of 65 he lives and struggles daily with his addiction and is unable to discern properly from what is right and wrong (in this area) because he is unable to control the addiction which is in his heart. This man, Tom, has been a church attendee for most of his life, actually was an organist at a local church for many years.

I am very deeply burdened, and rather disturbed by the conversation that I had with the man, for the pain and suffering that this man faces and also the pain and suffering he has caused, and potentially will cause. I want to help this man understand, learn, repent, grow and live towards a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

I prayed to God this morning about this burden and I believe he answered immediately. Concluding in prayer, the first thing I realized is that I by myself do not have the experience, wisdom, nor insight to counsel Tom and help him over come his addiction. However, as answer to my prayer this morning feel that God has asked for me to ask you all for help in the following way.

Recently I've hand written a few letters to friends and family. What is significant is that each person was thankful that I had taken the time to write a letter. They specifically mentioned that the letter had more impact because it was hand written with pen and paper rather than being sent by email!

My first goal in writing this email to you is to ask if you will write a letter for Christ's love that I can deliver to Tom. Secondly, I will share all letters that I receive with everyone on this email list so that you too can use these letters to witness Christ's love to people you meet.

Letters for Christ's Love:

If we can share Christ's Love with in the form of letters (typed by email or even handwritten) by all of you, I believe by God's grace we can make an impact.
I'm stepping out in faith here by asking you, and everyone I know to write letters that can be used to impact the lives of those who need to know Christs Love. I've included a list of suggested topics below.

Let me know if you wish to hand write a letter and I'll forward you my mailing address.

Take Action:

  1. Our Action: Prayerfully, over the next two weeks, write a letter, a small message or even a word of encouragement. By email or by hand. Please write anything that God places on your heart to write about Christ's Love, I have included a few suggested topics below. Don't worry how short or long the letter that you write.. Just write :) . The impact will be based on the fact that you took time to write a letter for Christ's Love!
  2. My Action: I will take these letters and anonymously deliver them to Tom.
  3. My Action: I will compile each letter and email them all back to everyone in the group
  4. Our Action: Think about all of the people you know who could be impacted with these Letters for Christ's Love.
  5. Our Action: Pray, that this will be the beginning of a new ministry...By the witness God's given you me anyone I could build a website with all of these letters for Others to see, use and share to anyone in the world.
  6. Your Action: Talk to your pastor, friends, or other Christians about this idea. Ask them to write in letters too.


  1. Write a letter for Christ's Love
  2. Email it back to me:


  1. To Honor God by sharing Christ's Love
  2. Create a mini-Ministry :)
  3. For me to follow through on my commitment to pray for and help Tom
  4. For Tom to be impacted to OVER COME his addiction by the God's grace and the fact that other Christians were willing to take the time to write a letter. (Believe BIG in God and he will answer Big)
  5. For ANYONE who sees these letters to be impacted by Letters for Christ's Love
  6. To inspire other Christians to share / write out their testimonies
  7. For all of us to have the opportunity to share the Gospel with others

Why Write:

Imagine the impact if you offered to get some of your friends to help, and 100 of them showed up?
Imagine the impact if that someone knew the letters came from all around the world.
You want to convict some people of Christs Love...I want to show that when God makes a calling to his people they will answer.

Suggested Topics:

Why do you Love and Believe in Jesus? What is the reason for the Joy that you have?
What does following God's commandments mean to you?
The importance of your relationship with Jesus in helping you overcome sin.
How have you been able to over come addiction yourself?
What rewards are waiting for those who Love Jesus and obey his commands?
What rewards are waiting for those who DON'T love Jesus and obey his commands?
Scriptural verses of encouragement and what they mean to you?
Your favourite scripture verse and why?
How has being a Christian helped in your life?
How has being a Christian impacted those in your circle of influence

I pray that our letters will be light to brighten the darkness in this world:
Isaiah 59:9: [God says,] "I will also make you a light for the Gentiles that you may bring my salvation to the ends of the Earth."

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