Thursday, November 6, 2008


Jesus Knows My Name

Dear Tom,


My name is David ... perhaps just a
name to you for there are thousands of Davids across North America.  But
for me it is my "handle" or my "face" as people address me.   Much
like your name Tom (suspect Thomas) is your name.   For a few people
the name David brings a smile as they remember good times I have enjoyed with
them.  Unfortunately, for others the name brings either indifference or
frowns as they remember my failures.   


The name for me is a source of
intimacy.   When people give me a title or use my last name I sense
distance or estrangement.   This of course could be subject to my
interpretation.   But there is no doubt that there are a handful of
people when they use my name it is embraced with love for me.   I
cherish those people.


The scripture teaches that Jesus
knows me by name, that He calls me by name.   This intimacy exceeds
those who my attempt to express human love for me for unlike these precious
people, the love of Christ knows no barriers.  He accepts me as I am
and He guides me to where I should be.   He provides a listening
ear when I need to bare my soul.   He actually searches my heart to
know what I am really saying.   Tom, He not only loves me in my flaws
... He has taken all my guilt and guile ... and has replaced them with His
guidance and guards me from accusations for these


One of the earliest verses that I
learned was John 3:16.   I have learned to repeat it bathed in His
love for me, "For God so loved the David that He gave His only begotten


Tom, Jesus not only knows me ... He
also knows you and loves you.   He has known you since your
conception.   And if you listen, He will tenderly call your

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