Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christs Love is Alive Today

Christ's Love is Alive Today.  Would You Seek it?

Author: Eric, Toronto
Date: October 10, 2008

I hope that as you read this, you will find comfort in the love of
Christ. I want to share a bit about what that's like that you may find
encouragement from it.

It's been said that if there is one thing that men have in common is
the ability to love and desire to love and be loved. However, it's hard
for men to love those who are not like them. It is hard to love the
dislikable, those with disabilities, those with displeasing outward
appearances, those who have done us wrong, those who are different from

What would that be like to love someone who killed those you cared the
most about? It's been said that losing one's child is one of hardest
thing that a parent can go through. No parent should have to lose their
child. The order of things should be maintained in that a child buries
his parents and not the other way around. Imagine what that would be
like to have your child killed and have to love the man responsible. Is
this possible that this could be the ultimate test of love? A love so
pure that even death cannot taint it. It be beyond the reality of this
world, certainly not of this world. One might even say that having this
kind of love is only possible by the mentally disabled, those incapable
of logical thinking. But is that really so? Doesn't a part of you just
make you respect that? Doesn't a part of you yearn to receive that kind
of love? What if you were the one to kill someone's child whether
intentionally or by accident, by running over a child you didn't see?
Wouldn't you want to receive love and forgiveness? What if forgiveness
was really impossible in this world and you had to live with the guilt
of knowing you had caused such great pain and that you've caused
someone to live in a life of hatred? Don't we need to believe that this
kind of love is possible?

What if I tell you that you did kill someone's son? God's son. But you
don't need to feel the guilt for it because you can receive forgiveness
for it, not only from the father but also the one you killed because he
was raised from the dead.

What if I tell you that not only did God's son die, his death was no
accident. It was planned since the beginning of time so you would know
how much he loves you and wants you to know that love? Would you feel
loved by that? Remember the love I mentioned earlier, the kind of love
that can forgive and seem out of this world. Well, he brought it into
this world. He taught us about this love that is patient, kind, not
envious, not boastful, not proud, not easily angered, not rude, not
self-seeking, that keeps no record of wrong, always protects, always
hopes and always perseveres, the kind of love that never fails. He
lived it out in a way that no one else could.

What would that feel like to find that kind of love? What if I told you
that this love was still alive today and that you can have access to it
too? Would you seek it?

Eric, Toronto

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