Thursday, November 6, 2008

How has being a Christian helped in y...

How has being a
Christian helped in your life?

          I find this to be
very interesting because I haven’t really given it any thought. I have been a
Christian since I was nine years old I believe. I gave my heart to the Lord at
a very young age and I believe it was sincere but, I was so young I really
didn’t understand what it was all about and while growing up and being
challenged I know that I was not always successful in my walk with Christ.


          My first
challenge was when I use to go to North
Carolina for the summers; there was an older lady who
lived in the trailer park where my cousins lived. She was the one that took and
virginity and at the time I thought it was cool because I had sex and not just
sex but sex with an older married lady. My parent’s prayer covered me a number
of times during those travels to North
Carolina. During all this I was still attending
church and I never told anyone except my cousin who was involved with this lady
too. I really can’t recall how long this when on but what came out of it I
became very sexually active.


          Now in my teenage
years I was into modeling and dancing and both of them involved women. When I
was old enough I got into the clubs and started working as a DJ and then a
bouncer on the front door all these things just encouraged me more with sexual
activities Women !!! I was extremely fearless and bold but never disrespectful
in my treatment of people. I realized that I had went too far when I found
myself in Rochester, New York ready to go out on the stage and dance as a
stripper, for me it was the highlight that I was working toward for so long. It
involved everything that I thought I was about Dancing, dancing and that would
get me all the women and attention I desired But!!! When I went to go on stage
I totally chickened out because I saw what I had become and where it was going
to lead me, something inside me went off and I got out of there and went Home. There
is so much more that I would have liked to share that will come later.


          How has being a
Christian helped me in all this? WELL looking back at all of the things and
different roads I tried to travel I could only go so far because deep inside my
spirit reminded me that I gave my life to Christ and at some point that has to
mean something and stand for something. I know that it was his love for me as
His child that I wasn't killed when an angry boyfriend/husband who came home
and found me with his wife For so long I convince myself that it was my own
actions that got me out of there alive but it wasn’t it was God grace and mercy
that was covering me because he had something Greater in store for me and my
life Because I gave myself to him. Even though I was a total idiot I know God
was the one watching over me. I can recall having a conversation with an inmate
who had just came back from his parole hearing and I questioned him about it
and he replied, “I used to live in Rochester and I came home
one day from work and found my Wife in bed with another man. I went into my
closet and got my gun and shot them both in the head while they were having sex
but, I didn’t have the nerve to shoot myself so here I am at under the parole
boards control because I couldn’t control myself.”
That made me reflect it
could have been me. I know this may sound a little twisted but it‘s not. If I had
not given my heart to the Lord when I did I would have never corrected the
mistakes or even realized that I was making them. Even in the mist of all the
stupid things I was doing I would ask forgiveness for them. I knew I KNEW!!! I’ve
had to learn a lot of things and perceptions all over again but, this time I
totally rely on God leadings and not my own.
How has being a Christian helped in my
God was helping me when I needed him the most in the middle of all my
stupidest moments, God was loving and caring for me while wiping back His
tears. I know that I would have gone further if I didn’t know the Lord. Being a
Christian preserved me so I could truly SERVE HIM!!


taught me that my imperfections are for someone to see God loves me. HE uses my
IMPERFECTION to reach SOMEONE that does not know HIM so; He can LOVE THEM THRU TOO!!!!
Have you at least tried HIM!!!! My prayer is that YOU DO.

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